1. Payment – Buildings remain the property of Challenge Fencing Ltd until payment is received in full.

2. Monies – Outstanding monies must be paid on or before delivery by Credit / Debit Card, Building Society Cheque or cash. Personal cheques must be presented well before delivery, in time to clear.

3. Non Payment – Unless payment is received we will not leave your garden building. A recall charge of 15% will apply.

4. Delivery Due Date – Buildings will be supplied on the due date agreed, whenever possible. We cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, i.e. traffic jams, breakdowns or illness.

5. Postponement – If you postpone the sale with less than five working days notice, a recall charge (15%) will then apply.

6. Cancellation – If you cancel your order we will charge 15% of the value of your order.

7. Check Your Order – Please check your order form is completed correctly and sign it. If you are in any doubt, please contact us and we will do what we can to help. The customer is responsible for any errors written on the Order Form.

8. Access to Premises – Access must be sufficient for us to carry panels from our vehicle to your site – if in doubt please ask. We are unable to lift panels over fences, hedges or buildings. When placing you order you must tell us of any restrictions, i.e. height, ‘through the house’ (which should be a straight run), sharp bends or steps. For difficult
access itmay be possible tomake ‘split’ panels, for which a charge of £25 per panel will apply.

9. Difficult Access – If your site is more than 150ft (46m) from, or more than 10ft (3.5m) above or below, the unloading point, you must provide assistance unless we have been notified in advance.

10. Parking – If the installer cannot park (i.e. due to restrictions or congestion), a suitable solution must be provided. Any additional costs incurred are the liability of the customer.

11. Delivery Drops – Delivery Only’ orders will be to the front of your premises only.

12. Your shed base – Your base must be hard, level, truly rectangular and large enough to accommodate your building. Please ask for our advice. Or print the advice sheet on the website www.gloucester-sheds.co.uk

13. Space around shed – We need at least 1ft clearance all round the building to erect it, and for the roof overhang. There must be no trees or bushes restricting access or erection.

14. Recall charges – If your base is not satisfactory, we cannot access the site or if there is no suitable parking provisions, a recall charge of 15% will apply. Alternatively the building can be left on a ‘Delivery Only’ basis.

15. Loss of Guarantee – If you insist on the shed being erected against our advice, then we will only do this on your written instruction. We are unable to provide a guarantee under these circumstances and you shall accept full responsibility for any defects which may arise.

16. Without Floor Fitting – Any buildings without floors should be secured to your base. Challenge Fencing Ltd can do this by prior arrangement, for which there may be a charge of 20% of the building cost.

17. Wood Movement – All timber is checked for quality before delivery, but as wood is a natural product we cannot accept responsibility for timber shrinkage, cracking or warping after the building has been erected. Movement tends to happen within the first six months of sheds life.

18. Your help – Every effort is made by Challenge Fencing Ltd to ensure that everything runs smoothly from the placing of your order until your shed is delivered and erected to your satisfaction. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. If you have any queries at any time please contact the factory at Ripley on 01452 728218 and they will do all they can to help. Or visit our website at www.gloucester-sheds.co.uk for more information.

19. Site delays – Delays on site are charged at £45 per man hour.

20. Customer responsibilities for health & safety of operatives at their residence. Responsibility Unsafe access; faulty manhole covers; animals that can cause harm; faulty water pipes; faulty electrical conduits, faulty gas pipe or any hazardous waste. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there are no obstructions hindering access to the site of large building component parts.